Holy Land Trip 2013 “The Best of Israel”

Below is a testament of our new friend Rebecca who traveled the Exodus with us 5 years ago  (2008)… we also look forward to the 2013 Trip “Best of Israel”. Share this experience with us by registering early: [click here]

From Rebecca Matsco…

I did not go to the Holy Land expecting a magical experience because I would walk where Jesus walked. But I discovered that it matters very much how Jesus walked, to meet the personalities that walked with him and to participate in a good bit of the walking myself! Fourth century Bible translator St Jerome commented that there are really five gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the Land of Israel. For fifteen days in November, our group of 74 experienced the wonder and joy of this fifth gospel, traveling the ancient lands of the Exodus in Israel, Jordan and Egypt, the very place where God established his covenant with a singular people, through whom the Redemption of all Creation would come.
It was like visiting the home of a good friend, dining at a bountiful table and listening to the stories that give our friend history, dimension and personality.


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We had the wonderful experience  leading the tour to Israel, Jordan and Egypt in 2008.   We  followed the footsteps of Jesus, and also the journeys of the Israelites in the Exodus. Leading such a large group of 77 people was very challenging; but by God’s grace and the power of prayer, we had a blessed trip and many wonderful experiences. We all came back exhausted but full of great memories.

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